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Keywing Key Turner
Keywing Key Turner
Keywing Key Turner
Keywing Key Turner
Keywing Key Turner
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The Keywing key turner makes it twice as easy to turn a key. The extra leverage halves the strength required to twist a key. It instantly converts keys into an easy grip thumb turn and may help reduce hand pain.

Key Features:

• Safety & Pain Relief: Halves the strength required to grip & turn keys.

 Ease of Use: Stops you dropping, fumbling and losing keys.

 Multi Purpose: Easily find & identify keys anywhere.

The perfect gift for those with arthritis, parkinsons, MS or weak hands.

Find, grip and turn keys with ease.

Handy for anyone, and perfect for those with arthritis or weak hands.

Turn keys with ease.

The Keywing halves the strength required to turn a key. It instantly converts keys into a thumb turn and helps reduce hand pain.

Find keys with ease.

The range of vibrant colours remove the daily frustration of guessing 'which key is which' and makes them easy to find and identify.

Grip keys with ease.

The comfortable dimpled domes give fingers a firm grip to stop you fumbling & dropping keys. The nylon body provides a ‘warm’ touch point for cold fingers.

Built to last.

The robust materials withstand turn after turn, and come backed by a 2 year guarantee. All keys are secured firmly by an engineering grade 3M™ adhesive, which allows you to take the key in and out when required.


Safety, pain relief, comfort.

Struggling with keys is more than a daily nuisance. For some, it can have immense consequences to safety and independence. The Keywing is handy for anyone, and essential for those with arthritis, or weak hands (young and elderly!).