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RingPull Can Opener
RingPull Can Opener
RingPull Can Opener
RingPull Can Opener
RingPull Can Opener
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The RingPull Can Opener is the easiest way to open any ring pull can. A fantastic help for anyone, and the perfect companion for those with poor dexterity, which may be due to arthritis, old age, parkinsons, MS or simply getting older.  Ambidextrous with a comfortable handle, your finger nails will be saved each time and you will never snap off the tab.

A precised peel, with a gentle touch.

The RingPull can opener provides twice as much leverage, in a much more convenient size.

Never snap again.

Engineered to minimise stress, so you'll never snap off the tab.

Nail saver.

No more pinching, clawing, levering, or reaching for a knife. One neat package to keep your fingers and hands safe.

Built to last.

The robust materials withstand can after can, and come backed by a 2 year guarantee.

Dishwasher safe, and will become your next favourite kitchen utensil.

Grip with ease.

The rounded handle gives hands a comfortable, firm grip and full control. The nylon body provides a ‘warm’ touch point for cold fingers.


Safety, pain relief, comfort.

Struggling with cans is more than a daily nuisance. For some, it can have immense consequences to safety and independence. The RingPull is handy for anyone, and essential for those with arthritis, or weak hands (young and elderly!).